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Today, companies are spending a colossal amount of money to streamline their IT operations. Research states, ‘Over 65% of IT budgets are spent on supporting IT applications and infrastructure activities, ensuring that service quality and costs are optimized continuously. Adding to it, lack of context-driven, intelligent automation platform and solutions in the market today prevent enterprises from streamlining their IT operations the way they would like to.

Movate Contelli is an intelligent automation platform for hybrid IT operations that promotes convergence of human and machine intelligence resulting in improved business agility, intelligent IT, operational excellence, stronger resilience, and faster time-to-market. The platform is an amalgamation of AI, analytics, and automation that cohesively predicts models and subsequently manages complex infrastructure ecosystems effortlessly resulting in unprecedented CX.

Simplify your IT operations with cognitive technologies.

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Key differentiators

  • Cognitive Powered: Convergence of AI, analytics, and advanced statistical models
  • Rapid Context Training: Advanced AI/ML engine that starts learning your context and auto-trains from day 1
  • Modular Delivery: Modular stack and services for tailored solutions
  • Continuous Optimization: Understand dependencies, analyze issues, and continuously optimize capabilities
  • Automation Repository: Access over 4000 pre-built automation units covering a wide range of enterprise use cases
  • Plug and Play: Plugs seamlessly into your ecosystem and starts delivering results within a week

Key differentiators

Contelli Automation Center

Contelli Automation Center minimizes manual intervention and repetitive manual tasks through automation to make processes more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective to ensure business operations are streamlined and optimized. It brings the following modules together to achieve agility and speed in the delivery of digital services.

  • Contelli iCMP – NextGen Cloud Management Platform
  • Contelli FinArch – Cloud Cost Governance
  • Contelli AIOps – Intelligent ITOps

Key differentiators

Contelli Experience Center

Delivering a superlative IT experience is imperative for a competitive edge in retaining talent and scaling up operations. To achieve this, enterprises have embarked on a transformation journey to a modern digital workplace – underpinned by location agnostic services and significant focus on employee experience and wellness. Contelli Experience Center brings together the right blend of IT solutions to deliver ‘highly personalized’ yet ‘standardized to the core’ IT support experience

  • Contelli Personalized Virtual Agent
  • Contelli Digital Experience Center (DEC)
  • Contelli Digital Engagement Solutions

Driving impact

  • 30-40% contact deflection to self-service and 40% resolved without manual intervention
  • 35% savings on cloud spend with advanced cloud FinOps
  • 45% to 65% reduction in FTE through advanced automation
  • Leverage automation, self-help, and multi-tenant service models
  • 99% event management efficiency with intelligent ITOps
  • Flexible automation solution with built-in 4000+ automation libraries
  • Cloud-native DevOps tools for rapid rollouts
  • Best-in-class digital talent to ensure zero defect delivery
  • Expertise on all major technology platforms with experience of 26 years

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