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With remote work being the new normal, more and more businesses recognize the revolutionary potential of XaaS. XaaS-centric business models have the potential to increase market penetration, foster the delivery of customer-centric products and services, streamline the discovery of profitable new markets, and simplify the complexity of processes

Movate’s XaaS services are designed to increase value for customers by making it easier and more affordable to access the offerings they need. Enhance customer value by shifting from high capital expenditure (Capex) to a more predictable operational expense (Opex) while enjoying flexibility, scalability, and reliability to stay competitive in the market.

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This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Key offerings

Digital customer experience

Journey to frictionless experience

Every business function from XaaS product design to customer service needs to be aligned with your customer’s expectations, else you risk losing them to competition. Engage, monitor, and optimize digital customer experience seamlessly with Movate’s XaaS-focused services. Create frictionless experiences with a greater focus on business outcomes across customer lifecycle, not just customer support.

xaas services: journey to fictionless experience

Key offerings

Enterprise Product Services

Simplify your tech ecosystems

Embrace new-age technologies, and transition from a reactive to a proactive approach. Get ahead in today’s competitive market with our high-value, custom enterprise XaaS offerings and stand out from the crowd. We have 26 years of experience assisting companies in the disruptive technology and XaaS industries. Streamline your technology ecosystems with our comprehensive enterprise product services, from consulting and sales support to technical support and managed services.

xaas services: simplify your tech ecosystem

Key offerings

Digital Infrastructure Services

Design agile systems for success

Technology and XaaS companies need agile IT systems to empower the success of their cutting-edge products. Leverage Movate’s comprehensive digital infrastructure services to deliver technology services across external and internal IT more effectively. Instantly adapt to changes in the market with our design thinking approach, rapid prototyping capabilities, and AI and automation solutions. Scale like never before with hybrid cloud services and AIOps innovation.

xaas services: design agile systems for success

Key offerings

Digital Engineering and Insights

Build the digital future today

Technology and XaaS customers expect value at every stage of their journeys, hence it’s crucial to design, develop, maintain, and continuously improve products backed by product and customer insights. Movate’s digital engineering and insight services integrate the most advanced technologies to help you realize your business objectives. Deliver hyper-personalized and contextual offerings with our AI, analytics, automation, and geospatial services.

xaas services: key offerings

Driving impact

  • Insight-powered outbound, inbound and web sales across multiple channels
  • Outcome-based engagement based on number of active subscribers per month
  • Proactively engage customers across the sales cycle to drive higher ARR and CLV
  • Integrated support ecosystem of chat, email, self-help, and voice channels
  • L1-L4 tech support for advanced technology and XaaS products across diverse geographies
  • Multilingual and cross-functional tech support across front office RMA, logistics, invoicing, account management, incident resolution
  • Leverage cloud-native DevOps tools for rapid ecommerce solutions rollouts
  • Agile and seamless cloud migration to help scale operations and minimize costs
  • Expertise on all major digital commerce platforms with experience of 26 years

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