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Movate Academy, the centralized Learning & Development function of Movate Technologies builds future-ready capabilities by empowering employees for lifelong learning, skill advancement & cultivating a talent pool of skilled professionals. Enter a new phase of upskilling, cross-skilling & reskilling via a portfolio of offerings tailored to suit Movators at every level and stage of their careers.

Here’s a sneak peek into the portfolio of offerings under the Movate Academy.

iQualify is Movate’s AI-driven online assessment engine designed to identify and qualify the best-fit personas through Movate’s Campus to Career (C2C) talent pool creation program.

New Project Transition training for teams is a consultative training practice for new clients and projects. This program by Movate ensures seamless knowledge acquisition, transfer, and application, resulting in a “start green” go-live from Day-1 of operations.

Movate’s iLearn is a structured, business unit-specific and geographically tailored new hire onboarding training program designed to enhance the role-specific competencies of incoming talent.

Movate’s Individual Development Programs (IDP) are monthly calendar programs to upskill employees in soft skills, behavioral, technical & functional competencies required to efficiently perform their roles.

Elite is Movate’s leadership excellence program tofoster the next generation of in-house leaders through a cohesive and immersive training experience.

Movate’s iTrain is a three-phase trainer development and certification program designed to enhance the functional capabilities of trainers for ensuring uniformity and consistency in training delivery & assessment methodology. This program is aligned to ATD (Association for Talent Development).

iCoach is Movate’s voice analytics tool powered by a sentiment analysis algorithm that identifies the development opportunities to improve employees’ soft skills.

iLead is a first-time lead training program that focuses on self, people & performance management anchored in Movate’s core values & a people philosophy framework.

iManage is a first-time managers program. This isMovate’s flagship workshop and certification for holistic grooming of project managers across key functional competencies including metrics, operations, performance, stakeholder and P&L management.

iInnovate is a Great Manager Certification Program that focusses on transforming the middle management workforce through a “connect, develop and inspire” philosophy model.

iResolve is Movate’s simulated training/sandbox environment, which helps in honing employee’s tool knowledge, process mastery & performance through experiential learning that leads to improved speed to proficiency.

iAccelerate is a Movate’s career portal that democratizes continuous learning and career development with curated career tracks & learning journeys for career progression & growth.

Amidst shifting market dynamics and an evolving IT landscape, learners are the ones who inherit the future. Through Movate Academy, learning takes on a whole new dimension for Movators aspiring to advance their learning curves.

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