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Turn your customers into your best advocates

Customer Success at Movate

The secret to a business’s success lies in its customers’ success. By adding value to your customers’ lives and helping them succeed, you make them your greatest advocates. Our customer success services can do that and more.

With the cost of customer acquisition increasing, it has become integral to keep your present customers happy. But with ever-changing customer expectations, it is not easy to satisfy them. This is where our customer success function can help.

We offer best-in-class boarding, engagement, technical account management, deployment advisory services, renewals, and much more to improve customer satisfaction.

We leverage best practices in upsell and cross-sell and educate your customers on how to get the most out of your products and services using the ValuePlus framework. Using leading data analytics technology platforms, we give you a centralized view of every customer and their journeys.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn your customers into your best advocates with our customer success services.

Onboarding, adoption, and training

Onboard your customers seamlessly to help them use your product effectively and tailor your services to their needs with our premium onboarding services.

Our adoption and training services educate your customers about your services so they can make the best of their product usage. We also offer training for your customer success teams to improve product adoption.

  • Develop and manage teams with the right Customer Success Manager (CSM) profile
  • Customized training content for CSMs
  • Standard and customized customer training and content creation
  • Educate customers to get the most out of your products and services
  • Improve product adoption with strategic insights
Customer Success includes Onboarding, adoption, and training

Technical account management

Providing a personal connection to your customer while helping them solve any standalone technical issues they might face is an invaluable part of customer success.

Our technical account management services ensure fast-tracked customer service and technical support during the product adoption and usage phases. We also provide resident engineers who are trained to avert and resolve any issues and work with your team to drive customer success.

  • Quick issue resolution
  • Product adoption using real-time customer interactions data
  • Build strong connections with customers
  • Over 50% first-day resolution
  • 8-10% improvement in CSAT score
Technical account management from movate

Deployment advisory services

Transforming your organization into a customer-centric one and becoming an expert is the key to customer success. Our deployment advisory experts will be your partner in transforming your customers’ environments and increasing the value they receive from your products and services.

  • Create a customized customer-centric environment
  • Configure client systems before technical support begins
  • Innovative strategy to manage customer success issues
  • Training and workshops to become experts in customer-proactive services
Onboarding, adoption, and training for Customer Success

Renewals and expansions

Understanding your customers’ journey, challenges, and desired outcomes is the key to better retention and growth of your customer base. A customer-centric approach, a team of renewal specialists, and an insights-driven growth strategy are all that is between you and increased renewal and expansion rates. Movate can give you these and more.

  • Improved customer loyalty and increased basket size by 1.25x
  • Monitor customer behavior and identify changes to mitigate any potential risks
  • Data-driven renewal forecasting for all customers
  • Enhance coordination between all teams involved in the process
  • Leverage data analysis to identify expansion opportunities
Customer Success with renewals and expansions

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Experience channel-less freedom

We have the omnichannel capabilities to provide seamless no-stitch experiences to your customers and remarkable business outcomes at lower costs.

  • Augmented reality
  • Chat
  • Email
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Remote login
  • In-person
  • SMS
  • Support app
  • Web
  • Video
  • Voice

Driving impact

  • Personalize the experience for customers based on intent
  • Accelerated issue resolution with maximized accountability
  • Best engineer routing in real time for handling customers based on AI profile
  • Excellent incentive structure designed based on type and value of deal
  • Proactive engagement approach by dedicated team until renewal
  • Smart dashboards for account health indicators and risk factors
  • Customized ‘right touch’ engagement for maximum efficiency and quality
  • Effective critical situation handling with predictive and pre-emptive support
  • Improved training services for neglected customers through webinars, email distributions, etc.

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