TCO-linked pricing model increases efficiencies and productivity


The client is a global leader in mass storage, with numerous products serving consumers and enterprises. They are based in the US and have been operating for over 50 years. The company designs and sells data technology products, including storage devices, data center systems, embedded and removable flash storage, and cloud storage services.


Support overview

L1, L2 support with RMA, product support with KB, enterprise support, multi-tier governance

Support channels

Multilingual support across voice, email, chat, social channels

Services provided

Operations management

Virtual & mobile assistant, process automation, agent 3600 workbench, AI-enabled smart case analytics, customer 3600 dashboard with integrated KM, cognitive search

Social media analytics

AI-powered analytics, RCAs, competition ratings, geographical rating analysis, Topic & N-gram analysis Competition analysis for SOV insights, SEO recommendations

Client Challenge

With digital transformation opening new business avenues, the demands of modern businesses have increased the dependency on innovative storage solutions. Customer expectations and demands have also become complicated, and in this scenario, providing customer support has become more complex than ever before. Increased competition with similar offerings from other vendors posed another challenge.

The client wanted to address these concerns with an innovative approach to minimize OPEX and drive CX to address customer needs. They wanted to have clear insights into how customers perceived and interacted with their brand and find ways to increase engagement levels to retain them.

Movate solution

Movate helped the client revamp their customer support through a digital operations model that included automation-led service delivery with multilingual and multichannel support. We provided them with analytics-driven dashboards that helped them understand more about customer preferences and sentiments with actionable recommendations. Movate leveraged its coveted AI and NLP solutions that became the cornerstone of the engagement. The team also built a unique, embedded pricing model that included productivity and efficiency improvements.

Automation-led service delivery

 Virtual assistant: NLP-based context-aware cognitive assistant for assisted resolutions

Mobile assistant: 24/7 mobile support over Visual IVR, chat & visual assistant

Process automation: RPA-led assisted and unassisted workflows to automate repetitive and effort-intensive processes

Agent 3600 workbench: Boost agent performance with AI-enabled smart case analytics, customer 3600 dashboards with integrated KM

Analytics-driven customer engagements

The team started with tracking and understanding customer perception across multiple platforms to unravel behavior patterns, root causes of issues, competition, products, ratings and geographical rating analysis, Topic, and N-gram analysis. We provided them in-depth insights into the identity of users, their views, sentiment patterns, concerns, and business impact of their actions along with recommendations through the following steps:

End-to-end brand assessment over six months leveraging advanced AI-powered social media analytics to map customer perception across platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, e-commerce websites, and mobile applications

Identify review ratings, and sentiment scores across products and derive customer pulse

The factors tracked showcased the product performance, outcomes, influencing behaviors, user views, consolidated views, concerns, activities, and the competition’s performance over time

In-depth insights delivered on user behavior patterns, root causes of issues, predict potential failures, the business impact and ways to change course

Competition analysis across multiple geographies revealing SOV insights and sentiment insights Recommendations on SEO remediation

Business benefits

By powering operations through a digital layer, we helped the client achieve the following benefits:

Operations management

Offered a new commercial model – TCO linked pricing that delivered 9% cost reduction through digital transformation

Committed a minimum of USD 2.7mn in total savings over three years Customer effort reduction, leading to enhanced CX

Enhanced social media presence

Competition analysis for better SOV insights

Generated impactful product insights with root cause analysis for low ratings 65% of the issues were due to electronic/mechanical failure

80% of the low scores were for products of specific categories

Derived product-wise, customer segmentation correlation index across geographies

Highest and lowest ratings averages were observed to be 65% higher in APAC vs. North America for the same product

Real-time insights and analytics increased reputation and brand visibility among peers