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Our transformation

Movate was founded 26 years ago, and quickly built a niche in the industry as a trusted and reliable service provider. In the last few years, the company’s cultural outlook and business performance, along with its service portfolio have significantly shifted. Today, the company has tremendous recognition for its disruptive digital solutions and insights-driven services approach. We are a much more diversified and global organization. We have regularly clocked revenue growth above 25% for a few years and are well-positioned to sustain it. We are also one of the most awarded companies in the world.

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Why rebrand

Today, we believe we have transformed into a human-centered technology and experiences company. However, our brand has not kept pace with our business transformation and growth. Legacy perceptions must be built upon; hence we needed a rebrand to signal our internal transformation and good work done to the world. We needed a new name that could be a visible symbol of change – a flag-bearer of our new purpose and ambition.


Unveiling Movate

Movate comes from the two words, momentum and innovate.

Together this signals a company that puts speed, agility, innovation, and disruption in every aspect of its business and operations.

The name has a natural sense of motion, i.e., ‘momentum’ will always signal an agile brand in motion. And ‘innovate’ represents our boundless creativity in solving complex challenges.


The Movate way

Our new positioning is built on two key themes



We realize that the most ambitious and successful companies need to stay ahead of the time curve. Accelerate represents Movate’s philosophy – helping clients achieve great outcomes with speed.



At its core, innovation is about solving the most complex challenges through the simplest solutions. At Movate, innovation is our beacon, and every Movator strives to be an innovator at heart.

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

Represents who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day.

What does Movate offer?

Movate offers digital technology and customer experience services for ambitious, growth-oriented companies that are disrupting the industry. It has carved a differentiated space for itself with its digital-infused solutions, agile and resilient operations, outcome-focused models, and a relentless spirit of partnership.

Not everything is changing though

  • union icon Our philosophy of leading with technology-led disruptive solutions and delivering innovative thinking across the globe.
  • union icon Our focus on working with ambitious, growth-oriented companies
  • union icon Our investments in strengthening the current services portfolio and augmenting it laterally
  • union icon Our constant endeavour to prioritize our employees and our customers
  • union iconOur commitment to diversity and inclusivity

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