Leading Telco Improves Scalability by 50% and Efficiently Manages Volume Peaks through Movate’s Fluid Contact Center Model

About the Client

The client is a Fortune 50 North American multinational telecom company, rated as one of the top three providers of mobile telephone services in the U.S. This case study explores how they successfully partnered with Movate to address their customer service challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes.

The Client Challenge

In the highly competitive telecom industry, customer service is pivotal in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a market leader, the client recognizes the constant need to enhance customer service delivery, streamline processes, and optimize operational costs.

During the initial discovery process, Movate identified several key challenges that hindered their customer service excellence:

  • Long wait times during peaks: Their customer service capacity needed to be more flexible to scale dynamically with surges in customer inquiries, leading to frustratingly long wait times and negatively impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Low digital channel adoption: Their adoption of digital support channels was relatively low, resulting in a heavy reliance on traditional voice-based customer support channels.
  • Underutilized virtual assistant: They were leveraging Google CCAI-based virtual assistant that had not reached its full potential in terms of intent management and user engagement, thus limiting its benefits.
  • High fixed operations cost: With low automation and increased reliance on conventional full-time customer service agents, their fixed cost of service was high and ever-increasing.

Movate Solution

Fluid Contact Center Powered by Innovative Gig and Gen AI Solutions

Our engagement began in 2019, focusing on building and leveraging a network of gig experts to revolutionize the client’s consumer business support. We started by pivoting volumes from their IVR, website chat, and social media channels to our gig network. In subsequent phases, we brought in enhanced automation and drove digital channel adoption.

Since then, we have enabled them to make a ‘fixed to fluid’ transformation of their contact center operations by leveraging the disruptive combination of the gig workforce model and AI technology. The key components of our fluid model-based solution included:

  • Hybrid delivery model – Our holistic model combined AI/ generative AI-powered automation, operational flexibility with 700+ OnDemand gig experts, and centralized operations with a dedicated FTE team responsible for surplus volume and escalation handling. With our swift scheduling system, the client could seamlessly ramp up and down between FTEs and gig experts. We developed a crowd expert persona aligned with their brand and values, thus bringing consistent professionalism and domain expertise to customer interactions.
  • Gig transformation hub – We set up a gig transformation hub for the client for voice and chat operations (for selected intents). The team integrated their CRM system, IVR system, and digital support channels with OnDemand, our gig platform. It enabled a seamless flow between different customer interaction touchpoints. Then, we implemented a solution to shift their IVR interactions to gig experts. It reduced wait times and allowed customers to engage in meaningful conversations instead of navigating through automated menus.
  • Digital adoption team – We set up a dedicated team to support the client in optimizing their front-end and agent-assist automation experience using their in-house tools, Movate Athena for generative AI and Movate Edison for digital CX transformation solutions. The team tested the digital tools and ironed out kinks before mass rollout.
  • Automated chat bot: We deployed an automated chatbot through Movate Edison that that handled all voice call and smartly deflected those calls to self-help channels and helped to close cases faster than routing them through agents. However, cases that did need an expert’s touch were routed to the OnDemand gig experts’ group who took over the case seamlessly. The OD team manages all the digital channels of the client and trains the bot with chat transcripts, feedback and case details to ensure that the Bot gets better at what it does and scales up to handle more demanding scenarios.
  • AI-powered Transformation – We accelerated AI and Generative AI adoption across the client’s operations. An intelligent routing engine was introduced to efficiently prioritize and distribute incoming cases among AI, gig experts, and FTEs. We implemented our patented intent and sub-intent identification and AI utilization models to enhance the knowledge and capability of our Generative AI virtual assistant. Our continuously learning knowledgebase was integrated with their Google CCAI-based virtual assistant to improve its automated answers. We are also driving generative AI-based agent-assist solutions for improving agent satisfaction.
  • Pay-for-performance – With our 100% pay-per-resolution model, the client had to pay only for resolved contacts and could change a significant portion of their fixed contact center costs into variable costs. Over time, they reduced their reliance on BPO agents, thus reducing costs significantly.

Business Benefits

Movate’s gig + generative AI approach for fluid contact center led to several remarkable outcomes for the telecom leader:

  • 90% CSAT – Customer satisfaction scores soared to an impressive 90% for cases handled by gig experts, reflecting the quality of interactions and issue resolution.
  • 50% Shift to Digital – The client managed to shift 50% of IVR contacts to digital support channels where messaging option was provided, showcasing increased adoption of modern interaction methods.
  • 30% More Virtual Assistant Usage – The optimization efforts led to a 30% increase in the adoption rate of the generative AI virtual assistant, indicating improved customer acceptance and engagement.
  • 52X Scalability – A remarkable 52X volume spike was effectively managed during a Facebook outage, showcasing the scalability and agility of the gig expert network.
  • 27% TCO Reduction – Through a pay-per-resolution pricing model, the client achieved a substantial 27% reduction in their total cost of service, demonstrating the tangible cost benefits of the engagement.
  • 95% Resolution Rates – We successfully manage 900,000 customer contacts annually with an impressive 95% resolution rate, demonstrating the efficacy of the new approach.
  • <2 Min. Average Response Time – The average response time for customer interactions dropped significantly to under 2 minutes with flexible capacity, ensuring timely and efficient support.
  • <2% Attrition of Gig Experts – The gig expert network experienced less than 2% attrition, highlighting a high level of satisfaction and engagement among these specialized professionals.