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Experience is everything today. Customers interact with your brand at multiple points during their journey.

Brands must create superior end-to-end experiences that ensure customer loyalty and retention. And Movate (formerly known as CSS Corp) is doing just that. How?

Our custom maturity assessment models, resilient operational frameworks, and digital platforms are part of a wide range of solutions tailored to your industry and customers. Wherever your customers are in the CX journey, regardless of location and device, our CX transformation solutions help you stay ahead of the curve. With Movate, a pioneer in digital customer experience companies as your value partner, it’s now easy to garner brand loyalty and engagement and reduce costs while consistently delivering quality and value.

We delight in your customer’s delight. We enable you to build predictive, personalized, omnichannel experiences. Are you ready to meet the future?

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Key offerings

High-value customers at your fingertips

Customer service & satisfaction

Boost your ROI and top the customer satisfaction charts with our data-driven, outcome-based services. Make the customer acquisition process seamless with the pioneer in digital customer experience companies. Achieve high-level personalization with a unified customer service platform that connects multiple channels like video, chat, email, and others. That means flawless customer and associate experiences. Explore more ways to drive CSAT.

Key offerings

Delight your customers with Movate OnDemand

Gig peer experts for consumers

Supercharge your CX with Movate Ondemand’s gig customer experience ecosystem. We help you deliver agile, game-changing support to customers across the world and anywhere in the lifecycle. Tap the expertise and flexibility of a global talent pool, slash costs, delight customers, and more. Exceptional support starts with us. Connect today.

Key offerings

Empowering customers with intuitive tech support

Empowering customers with intuitive tech support

Anticipating and understanding customer needs intuitively and intelligently is the hallmark of quality tech support. Our AI-enabled, automated solutions come with deep analytics and insights for proactive, meaningful engagements. We have some of the most experienced technical support associates in our team. We proudly call many of the top-class global technology brands our satisfied customers. Are you next?

Key offerings

Transform from a cost center to a profit center

Revenue generation

Accelerate your business outcomes and transform support into a profit center with our premium tech support services. Our revenue generation services offer the utmost flexibility for personalization and come complete with automation tools, omni-channel communication capabilities, and analytics to scale with ease and drive customer acquisition. Evolve into an efficient, mature revenue-generation hub with us.

Key offerings

Become a growth engine with strong customer retention

Customer retention

The post-covid consumer is cautious and selective. And expectations for customer service are high. Our account management and retention services team ensures that you consistently demonstrate value with predictive engagement. We perceive customer goals and nurture strong relationships with thoughtfulness and empathy for higher customer retention. Wow your customers and drive long-term loyalty with us.

Key offerings

Future-proof your CX ecosystem with end-to-end transformation

CX transformation as a service

Our CX transformation “as-a-service” model combines CX strategy with technological innovation, intelligent automation, and experienced customer service professionals. It’s an end-to-end, cost-effective solution that helps you scale, build relationships, and create channel-less experiences. As your CX transformation partner, we help you with digital and cultural transformation, and we future-proof your CX.

Driving Impact

  • Global CX services re-design and tech-enabled delivery
  • Homogenous next-gen global technology ecosystem powered by cloud-based CX
  • Shift-left strategy with automation and analytics to understand and improve customer journeys
  • Managed services model to manage end-to-end CX operations
  • Outcome-based engagement based on number of active customers per month
  • Analytical modeling and churn predictions for proactive support to sales
  • Enable customer service teams with technology to drive smooth channel-less experiences
  • Associate personas created based on skills, personality type, and past performance
  • Real-time routing to best associate based on AI profiles with service personalization

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