Innovation @ Movate

It’s the way we think, the way we live

It’s how we are built

‘Movate’ is a combination of ‘Momentum’ and ‘Innovate’. That’s how core ‘innovation’ is to us. Innovation and Movate are inseparable from each other. We believe that building a culture of innovation and the competency to deliver it requires commitment and a systematic approach.

That is why our CTO leads our innovation program with a dedicated innovation charter. Our innovation labs are designed to combine skills, processes, technology, values, and platforms together to co-create agile and innovative solutions for solving business problems with our partners and clients.

We drive innovation from the ground up in the organization and train Movators from day one to be innovators. For us, innovation is not only a quality but a quantifiable target that our people are motivated and rewarded to achieve. Our cutting-edge technology and business model are based on differentiated insights that drive growth, provide solutions, and help you stand out from the competition.

Our pillars of innovation

At Movate, we empower, motivate, and expect everyone to be innovators. We define our goals and foster a culture that allows every employee to contribute to our innovation labs. We embrace diversity, set benchmarks, allow unrestricted access to learning resources, review every idea, and celebrate our innovators’ efforts and success.


Our innovation labs have a number of engineers at any given time, but our innovators are not limited. Innovation is our mindset, and it drives the way we find solutions to our client’s problems. This doesn’t mean all our ideas have to be successful. But we review each of them carefully and use them to develop insights that help us succeed. Our culture promotes learning, collaboration, and participation.


Innovation without purpose cannot yield results. At Movate, our purpose is clear. We aim to help our clients offer superior CX, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth and revenue at an accelerated pace. We understand your needs and customize our solutions to cater to them. Our agile strategies and cutting-edge technology work together to offer only the best for you.


Our innovation infrastructure is built to support creativity, experimentation, learning, and success. We cherish every idea we receive and experiment with the latest technologies. Our experts are skilled at harnessing emerging technologies to cater to our goals. We are committed to adapting and succeeding in changing environments and helping our clients achieve the same.

How do we institutionalize innovation?

To achieve our innovation goals, we employ a three-fold approach. These three approaches help us transform our big ideas into customer outcomes.

Business solutions incubators

We aim to develop sustainable solutions across all customer lifecycle stages. To achieve this, we perform horizon scanning that helps us track the latest industry developments. Our research and experience help us align our solutions to real industry challenges. We build working demos to stimulate adoption across industry domains.                        

Co-creation labs

Movate’s co-creation labs are responsible for collaborating with our clients/ technology partners, identifying the right use cases and progressively prototyping solutions. We take a milestone-based innovation approach that ensures we are guided by pragmatic business goals. We offer on-demand innovation by providing instant access to engineering talent, technology platforms, and tools.

Capability workshops

We future skill our employees with our capability workshops. Our employees receive hands-on experience in emerging technology and platforms. We run workshops with industry experts on design thinking, lean startup, and agile methodologies to train Movators to disrupt the industry with innovative solutions.

Our platforms

Movate Insights

Data-driven actionable insights to offer personalized experiences, identify new business growth opportunities and develop customized solutions

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Movate Edison

Cloud-based CX transformation platform that leverages conversational AI and deep learning to offer excellent customer and associate experience

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Movate Contelli

An intelligent IT automation and AIOps platform for continuous optimization of business IT and systems and improving business agility

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Movate OnDemand

A global gig support platform and ecosystem to deliver high quality on-demand customer service across 60+ countries and 100+ languages

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