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Creating meaningful impact with social and sustainability programs

Movate is committed to make its operations sustainable and to respond effectively to its external impact. At Movate, we integrate CSR and sustainability into our core business strategy and is designed to create value and positive change. The senior leadership of Movate including the board has made a firm commitment to CSR & sustainability. The senior management is also engaged in it. While sustainability and CSR has been a part of the culture at Movate, it is only recently that we have taken a concerted decision to formalise our efforts to create lasting impact. We have taken a long view to accelerate our efforts systematically over a 3-5 year horizon.

ESG Framework - creating meaningful Impact

How we did it

Respect and responsibility towards people, community and natural environment will be central to our CSR. Movate is committed to assigning leadership and resources to CSR activities within its community and areas of influence. At Movate, we have identified four CSR focus areas:

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