Redefining the user experience for a global data storage OEM

About the client

The client is a US based global company and they develop all-flash data storage hardware and software products.

Client Challenge

Outsourcing support for the first time can be a tricky situation to be in. Our client went through that phase as they outsourced customer support operations to us and wanted to improve their CX capabilities using digital innovation and toolsets to make the operational workflows easier, faster and more customer friendly. They were on the lookout for an experienced partner who could help them make the transition and set up a solution for them.

Movate Solution

After understanding the client’s requirements, Movate came up with the following work points to build the solution.

  • Provide comprehensive Level 1 and 2 technical support for global end-users and facilitate seamless customer onboarding along with project management activities.
  • Support end-users with customized software and hardware upgrades on client’s flagship products to transition smoothly to the latest features.
  • Streamline the return merchandise authorization (RMA) process to minimize downtime for clients, with a dedicated team overseeing end-to-end logistics.


Movate began to upgrade the client’s customer support process by providing comprehensive L1 and L2 technical support with automation driving most processes. To further facilitate smooth customer onboarding, a separate welcome center to cater to customer onboarding was deployed. This WC helps first time customers have friction-less experience when signing up for support.

Movate also upgraded the client’s flagship products with the latest software and hardware updates to give the client’s end users a smooth transition to new features as and when they are available. The idea was to ensure supreme customer satisfaction across the support lifecycle for end users. By moving the client to a digital platform, they were able to reduce escalations proactively by analyzing and finding root cause of issues and taking preventive steps to not let that happen. At the same time, this transformation also gives the client continuous opportunities to improve services. 


In a step further to improving the CX experience, Movate also put in place an innovative knowledge framework that assessed the knowledge quotient of agents, the knowledge base and reviewed the status frequently to ensure they hit the right service metrics using the specific joint KPIs that were developed.


Return Material Authorization (RMA) is a comprehensive process that needs a lot of attention to details and usually involves multiple parties to ensure smooth workflows. Movate helped the client by upgrading its process and setting in place a system that reduced agent’s dependance while improving customer experience. This upgrade reduced the downtime for customers as they got serviced within the SLAs set leading to high quality and process assurance. A separate team handles each case overlooking end-to-end logistics.    


  • 15% improvement in NPS
  • 95% case resolutions.
  • <0.5% escalations per month.