10X Scale up of engineers via a Hire, Train and Deploy model for a fast-growing US-based cybersecurity company

About the Client

Our client is a US-based multinational cybersecurity company providing cybersecurity services and products to clients worldwide. They have a presence in more than 150 countries and provide solutions within Network security, cybersecurity and Cloud computing domains.  

Client Challenge

With security being watchwords for enterprises, the client was experiencing growth and they wanted to have a steady pool of experienced resources who could be deployed with minimum downtime across multiple geos for their clients. They were looking for an experienced partner who could provide them exceptional enterprise support and manage operations seamlessly.  

Movate Solution

With a penchant for providing leading edge security solutions to the biggest names in the industry, the team at Movate understood the needs of the client. Movate gathered its resources to set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) through which the client can be assured of mapped skillsets and dedicated security experts who are ready to deploy as per the client’s requirements.

Movate’s team had chalked out the following scope of work for the client.

  • Provide high-quality trained talent access for the customer globally across Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and North America (NA) regions.
  • End-to-end ownership of talent acquisition and development program to reduce the lead time in on-boarding qualified security engineers.
  • Design best-in-class training curriculum and ensure technology, product, and on-the-job training for security engineers.


Movate’s team deployed a Hire-Train-Deploy’ model to execute the requirements laid out by the client. This model starts off by mapping the talents/skills needed through a comprehensive talent acquisition program and chooses right candidates who have at least 6 months to one year of experience in fields like basic, routing, security, networking (CCNCCNP). The Movate academy has trained 500+ candidates since 2021.

Figure 1: Movate’s Hire and Train Model


Movate takes support very seriously and that’s the reason why the Movate Skill+ academy was founded. There’s nothing like having your own training institute, well bred programs, innovative content delivery and a focused feedback system that delivers world-class results. The academy addresses all the learning needs of employees during their entire lifecycle and provides a framework for continuous learning. The academy has a proven workflow that starts with talent acquisition where the right skills and prerequisites needed are identified.

A structured course curriculum ensures, complete with trainee, client and QA feedback ensures compliance and promotes scope for further development. The candidates go through a phase of assessments from Movate and from the client’s purview. Successful candidates are absorbed into the system. 

The candidates are trained on the specific areas (which includes knowledge support and product support) at Movate’s training academy. The academy creates high quality training materials through SMEs that are client calibrated and imparts learning through three layers viz MOOCS, Communities and Virtual Classes. These three categories of learning help candidates with diverse learning requirements across roles and grades. 

A detailed training program is the hallmark behind every project. SMEs prepare detailed training modules that are in line with the client’s needs. This includes course content, on-the-job training, technology and product knowledge. Inputs are also collected from the delivery team where specifics and customized requirements are taken care of.


A dedicated talent manager acts as a SPOC between the delivery team, the recruitment team and the QA team to ensure that the trainees have a rich onboarding experience and assists the trainees with any issues they may have in adjusting to the new regime. By liaising with different teams, Movate can address and remove any lead time and ensure there are no gaps when deploying trainees to the floor. 


We provide support across  L1, L2 , L3 (Tier3) , L4 (Platinum , Designation Engineer , Tech Lead), L5 (Partner Technical Enablement Engineer) across the following products.

Products Supported

S.NoProductSupport Type
1Next-gen firewall supportL1, L2 , L3 (Tier3) , L4 (Platinum , Designation Engineer , Tech Lead), L5 (Partner Technical Enablement Engineer) support
2End point securityL1, L2 support
3SASEL1, L2 support
4Threat RemediationL1, L2 support
5VirtualizationL1, L2 support


  • Achieved >85% training throughput.
  • Successfully fulfilled 95% of client’s talent needs, acquired and ramped up teams on time.
  • Achieved 91% quality adherence while reducing the learning curve for new hires by 70%.
  • Best-in-class talent retention with annualized attrition <15%.
  • Awarded Outstanding Assisted Support for six consecutive years from 2015 to 2020 by TSIA.