Transforming external facing IT infra through cloud and automation

cloud and automation


  • 7 years of engagement
  • Over 2.5K digital assets
  • 3mn unique visitors/year

Services Provided

  • Provide end-to-end global IT helpdesk support – L1/L2/L3
  • Cloud assessment, migration, and managed services and DR using CloudMAP and CloudPath
  • Automated infra monitoring, management, and IT Operations Analytics with Movate Contelli
  • Security and implementation services, including vulnerability assessment, antivirus management, cloud security monitoring, and web application firewall
  • Adoption of microservices through DevSecOps such as containerization, Lambda, etc
  • Implemented the intelligent Security operations center (iSOC) & web application firewall (WAF) services for all
    migrated websites

Client challenge

Like all CPG companies, the client’s success is tied to a successful transformation to the digital, customer-centric brand of the future. Their strategy includes marketing to specific brand-savvy customer segments and focusing on innovation and new product development. Identifying and marketing to these specific customer segments was challenging because of their wide geographical base and distributed marketing practices. Each country was driving its own digital marketing campaigns, independent of the central IT.

Additionally, the client has over 2,500 websites that handled 15 mn visitors every month. The IT ecosystem supporting those sites (including data centers, applications, content management, and hosting services as well as processes and tools) was siloed, distributed, and heterogeneous. They had significantly over provisioned resources and were experiencing rising costs on hosting services.

Movate solution

Movate delivered a hybrid-cloud-based digital marketing ecosystem to enable superior storage performance and features while reducing overall operational costs. The transformation was driven by four key value accelerators:

  • Intelligent infrastructure operations
  • Cloud operations management
  • Digital marketing ecosystem
  • iSoC services

1. Intelligent infrastructure operations

  • Automated monitoring & management: Managed the environment/platform on the cloud using our proprietary Movate IP (Contelli – Intelligent automation for IT operations)

2. Cloud operations management

Enabled rapid value by adopting our proprietary cloud migration framework consisting of:

  • CloudMAP: Automated cloud migration assessment and planning
  • CloudPATH: Predictive methods of migrating enterprise workload through refactoring, replatforming, and
    live workload migration
  • Provided dedicated hosting for brand websites & shared hosting for campaign websites
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): Designed & set up the disaster recovery for the current hosting region

3. Enhanced digital marketing by:

Deployed AWS’s scalable, cloud-based platform as a service capability to deliver a high-performance digital marketing ecosystem capable of:

  • Handling 2,500 websites, including managing content
  • Publishing 2,500 articles every week
  • Enhancing traffic to 15 million page views per month
  • Driving more than 1.9 billion advertisements every month
  • Handling 2,500 websites, including managing content
  • Reduced operational overheads by migrating existing applications to AWS server-less architecture for high
    availability, improved capacity utilization, and fault tolerance
  • Modernized data centers by re-hosting applications to AWS, migrating on-premise data centers to the
    cloud for centralized governance, reduced costs, and breach-proof security

4. iSoc Services

  • Provided cyber security for assets on cloud that never existed before with intelligent security operations
    center (iSoC) & web application firewall (WAF) for all migrated websites
  • Real-time security posture redesign to thwart attacks like RAT’s, crimeware which are specific to critical
    information on the cloud & automation
  • Designed cloud instances with security monitoring
  • Configured VPC’s behind multiple layers of web application firewalls/security groups and ACL’s with
    Antivirus management
  • Continuous monitoring to detect hack attempts

Business benefits

  • $1 million savings: Periodical capacity optimization through simplified IT infrastructure with 1300+ VMs resulted in noticeable savings
  • 7X faster time to market: Unified management of digital assets resulting in consolidation of marketing efforts resulting in faster launch of campaigns
  • 60% reduction in total cost of ownership: automated cloud & automation database migration and management resulting in reduced costs
  • 99.95% infrastructure uptime: High availability of critical websites leading to 100% SLA and CSA compliance
  • 24×7 reliable support: Proactive support to ensure business continuity and assist disaster recovery services
  • 95% cyber security incident reduction when compared to the start of the activity where there were numerous attempts to breach websites/steal information

About Movate

Movate, formerly CSS Corp, is a digital technology and customer experience services company committed to disrupting the industry with boundless agility, human-centered innovation, and a relentless focus on driving client outcomes. Recognized as one of the most awarded and analyst-accredited companies in its revenue range, Movate helps ambitious, growth-oriented companies across industries stay ahead of the curve by leveraging its world-class talent of over 11,700+ full-time Movators across 20 global locations and a gig network of thousands of technology experts across 60 countries, speaking over 100 languages.