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  • Customer Service Outsourcing

    Customer Service Outsourcing

    What is Customer Service Outsourcing? Customer service outsourcing (CSO) is assigning some of your customer support responsibilities to external agents or a third-party provider. This might include addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and providing support through social media, live chat, emails, and phone calls. When clients have questions about your products or services, they should

  • Agent Amplification Services

    Agent Amplification Services

    What is Agent Amplification? Agent amplification is a process that aims to improve the skills, performance, and efficiency of customer service representatives. Agent amplification services involve training programs and the integration of advanced technologies, such as automation and AI, to enhance the overall customer experience. Challenges of Agent Amplification According to a recent report by

  • Onshore Outsourcing

    Onshore Outsourcing

    What is Onshore Outsourcing Onshore outsourcing, also known as domestic outsourcing, is the practice of contracting services from a third-party provider located within the same country as the contracting company. Managing quality control is easier with onshore outsourcing as it allows for higher control and better communication between the two partners. Challenges in onshore outsourcing

  • Gig Customer Experience

    Gig Customer Experience

    What is Gig customer experience? Gig Customer Experience is a practice that involves using freelancers and Gig peer experts who have deep product and technical expertise. This enables organizations to quickly scale up or down their operations based on demand without having to commit to long-term contracts or permanent employment. Challenges  There are several challenges

  • Omnichannel Support

    Omnichannel Support

    What is Omnichannel Support? Omnichannel customer support seamlessly integrates multiple communication channels and devices, crafting frictionless experiences across the customer journey. It’s not just offering support on diverse platforms; it’s weaving a consistent, continuous narrative, seamlessly guiding customers through their interactions, whether via phone calls, emails, social media, or even in-person visits. Challenges  There are

  • Outsourcing Customer Service

    Outsourcing Customer Service

    What is Outsourcing Customer Service? Outsourcing Customer Service is the strategic engagement with a third-party provider to handle some or all aspects of a company’s customer service operations. This can include functions such as answering customer inquiries, providing technical support, processing orders, handling returns, and resolving complaints. This strategic decision allows companies to leverage the

  • Call Center Outsourcing

    Call Center Outsourcing

    What is Call Center Outsourcing? Call center outsourcing, also known as contact center outsourcing, is the practice of entrusting a company’s telephony-related tasks to a qualified external vendor. Though not just confined to customer support via phone in today‚Äôs era of omnichannel support, this type of outsourcing delegates customer service interactions via phone calls, emails,