TSIA, CSS Corp co-author report: 2021 trends in outsourcing

CSS Corp co-author report

The CSS Corp co-author report on Outsourcing Trends in 2021 by John Ragsdale and Sunil Mittal discussed how technology companies are retracing the contours of their strategic relationships with outsourcers to speed up the velocity of digital transformation. “Outsourcing” no longer connotes or denotes the hackneyed sense of sending call volumes offshore to take advantage of cost savings. Those days are long gone. Now, it’s not just about cost-effectively ramping up support operations or elevating CX. Every agenda today entails aggressively pushing the pedal on digital acceleration.

“Technology companies” in the report specifically refer to the innovators or technology product companies. “Outsourcers” imply technology service providers or vendors. The authors highlight two key trends: 1) the surge in outsourcing contracts and 2) rapid strides in advanced digital capabilities.


The first trend discussed the increase in outsourcing contracts as tech companies did not have the infrastructure to shift to a 100% remote work model. This trend talked about the growth of SaaS, cloud business, and the success stories of outsourcing the sales-marketing function. The second trend deliberated on forward-thinking capabilities such as AI & RPA. This trend spoke about the need to work with the right service provider to hasten the development and deployment of digital capabilities.

Next, the report talked about the pandemic uncovering chinks in the armor of offshore operations. It highlighted the need to bolster infrastructures such as hardware, software, and high-speed internet accessibility. On the positive side, India and the Philippines stood out as prime examples for their merits of language skills, higher education, and technical training.

The authors mentioned how organizations were navigating the uncharted offshoring waters of remote working, hiring, training, and monitoring. During this time, CSS Corp (Now known as Movate) stood out for transitioning 8,000 employees across the globe. The shift to WFH took place within 48 hours with 0% drop in SLAs. Tributes go to CSS Corp for showcasing resilience, empathy, and ensuring business continuity thanks to their Covid Commandos.

Coming back to the topic of outsourcing, readers will discover the factors that make outsourcing a compelling value proposition and why the trend is going up. Decision factors include:

  • Nearshore capabilities.
  • Geographical expansion.
  • The era of work-from-anywhere.
  • Non-traditional function outsourcing.
  • Outcome-based commercial models.

As digital innovators, outsourcing providers cross-leverage learnings and digital solutions to hasten client’s digital transformation. Based on requirements, clients can select from an array of solution accelerators that suit their environment.

Digital innovation is something that tech firms find difficult for many reasons. Take chatbots as an example. Despite the keenness and enormous spending toward chatbots, the TSIA survey indicated that the proportion of those who deployed chatbots is just 23% in 2020 compared to 19% in 2018. Be it internal expertise, in-house development with off-the-shelf tools, or budgets—not all tech firms can have it all. Companies that are lagging in their digital transformation should look to outsourcers like CSS Corp (Now known as Movate)  for its commendable digital line of business and proven success in delivering digital capabilities.

Three examples of advanced digital capabilities (using RPA) mentioned in the report were 1) Automatic case creation & routing, 2) customer log file analysis, and 3) agent-engineer quality monitoring. These are prime examples of how CSS Corp stands out for successful RPA projects in the front office.

In the final analysis, deploy digital transformation and have it operational in the least amount of time with the right service provider. Work with CSS Corp to drive your digital roadmap.

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