Boosting sales through personalization: Impact of GenAI-driven CRM

  • Media: nasscom
  • Spokesperson: Prabhat Mehrotra

As traditional, uniform sales strategies fade, the push for personalized customer engagement intensifies. Moreover, with an increasing number of customers expecting personalized experiences from businesses that match their buying preferences, relying solely on manual methods for tailoring each interaction can present challenges. Embracing GenAI technology within CRM systems is becoming essential for businesses aiming for excellence in this digital era.

With GenAI, CRM platforms are undergoing a transformation that is enhancing productivity and delivering unprecedented efficiency in customer management. And we have real examples: last year, Microsoft launched its Viva Sales, now part of Microsoft Sales Copilot, which integrates with Microsoft 365 apps and CRM systems to enhance productivity and streamline the entire sales journey. Similarly, Salesforce introduced Einstein for sales which includes Copilot and other Gen AI features, that boosts sales and customer engagement by providing insights, automating tasks, and improving decision-making for sales professionals. As traditional, uniform sales strategies become obsolete, the focus on personalized customer engagement is growing more intense

GenAI -powered CRM systems transforming organizations into a Sales Powerhouse

With GenAI-powered CRM systems, businesses can reimagine their sales funnels. How does it operate? Imagine a system that prioritizes high-value leads, offers tailored product or solution recommendations based on customer behaviors, and drafts targeted communication—all automated. Sounds incredible, isn’t it? By offering personalized touchpoints throughout the customer journey, these systems enhance engagement and boost conversion rates. When customers receive relevant recommendations and messages tailored to their preferences, their likelihood of purchasing increases. This personalization not only improves satisfaction but also fosters loyalty and advocacy, driving repeat business and attracting new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

To understand what goes in the background, here are a few factors that help boost sales:

  1. Smart Lead Scoring

GenAI evaluates vast data arrays to pinpoint high-potential prospects, enabling sales teams to concentrate on the most promising leads. Unlike traditional static scoring methods, GenAI applies dynamic criteria based on real-time data, such as engagement levels, past interactions, and predictive insights. This approach helps optimize resource allocation and increase deal closures. According to industry reports, 66% of sales representatives find AI tools crucial for understanding customer preferences even before the initial contact.

  1. Targeted Product/Solution Recommendations: 

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your CRM could suggest the perfect product for each customer?

GenAI-powered CRM systems use customer data to customize product recommendations, matching each prospect’s needs. By analyzing browsing habits and past purchases, GenAI suggests products likely to resonate with each customer, mimicking the personalized service of in-store experts but on a broader scale. This approach boosts higher engagement and encourages repeat purchases, creating a loyal customer base, where customers feel understood and valued. Moreover, the timely presentation of relevant products can greatly enhance cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

  1. Personalized Communication

Every interaction, from emails to sales calls, is an opportunity for connection, personalized by GenAI. This technology crafts messages that resonate personally with each customer by analyzing data points like past interactions and behavioral patterns. Such personalized engagement captures attention and strengthens emotional connections, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, which are key drivers of conversion rates. Business leaders report a 67% increase in sales due to personalized communication via tools like chatbots.

The Future of Sales is Personal!