Transformed customer engagement with voice analytics from call data for a global networking company

About the client

Our client is a global US-based computer networking company producing networking hardware for consumers, businesses, and service providers. They are active through 19k resellers across the globe and their product line includes routers, gateways, switches, WAP (Wireless Access Points).

Client challenge

The client wanted to streamline quality of support, improve on the metrics, and provide returning customers with technology-assisted customer experience. They wanted to roll out innovative, value-added support by implementing voice-based analytics and finetuning support based on call data. Still focusing on the larger part of providing premium CX, the client also wanted to improve on quality compliance, identify strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement for agents.

Movate Solution

Movate assembled a team and drafted the following scope of work:

  • Transformation from a cost center to a profit center through SUM (Support and Upsell) Model
  • Leveraged Movate’s partner, Uniphore to design and implement a smart analytics solution to derive actionable insights from the voice data
  • Deployed Uniphore’s U-Analyze, AI-driven call center speech analytics software to surface trends and topics driving customer calls to inform strategic planning and operational improvements.
  • Audit calls to uncover friction points and improve agent performance and compliance by providing agent’s performance score (APS)

Transformation from a cost center to a profit center – SUM

Traditional contact centers are expensive to run and maintain as there are a lot of fluid variables that can upset any planned outlay. And, it takes a lot of time to see returns coming in. Our client was operating as a cost center till 2014 when Movate suggested SUM.

SUM (Support and Upsell) is an innovative model where we combined Support and Sales together in a package. This meant that while we provided quality support upfront, we were also ensuring that customers stayed with us, giving us additional opportunities to serve them better. As a result, we combined L1 Support and Premium support (which existed as two separate units earlier) and proposed the SUM Model.  

With the SUM model, agents handle L1 tech support and support premium customers reducing costs and increasing sales through upselling. Agents are pre-informed 30 days to start the renewal process and they call customers as their contract ends with new plans to renew. This transformed our client’s standing from a cost incurring center to a profit generating one.

As part of premium support, we also support the client’s flagship service – GearHead. Gearhead is the client’s premium support service where there are no restrictions on support for networking devices, irrespective of brand or product. Gearhead is positioned to be an all-in-one service package as it provides brings all connected devices within a home under its support scope.

For Gearhead support, Movate assembled a team of engineers who have the equivalent rating of a Microsoft CCNA qualification. These engineers are trained on curriculum set by client’s LMS (Learning Management System) and are required to support and setup the customer’s home network with IOT support. The agents have four levels of training such as:

  1. BSE I – Basic installation support
  2. BSE T – Basic Troubleshooting support
  3. SSE M – Support for Mesh technology and other higher technology
  4. HVP – High value product support & home network support ( including 3rd party)

Agents have to renew their skills and get certified annually and be in line with changing technology requirements. A monthly Knowledge Management Transfer is done to check the relevance, adherence to the process and products.

Harnessing the power of voice analytics through our partner Uniphore

Movate called on its partner – Uniphore – a leader in providing exemplary customer service using voice analytics to provide the base solution. U- Analyze is an AI-driven conversational platform that uses GenAI to discover patterns and actionable insights from call data. This data is used to identify trends and topics around which customer calls happen. With this analysis, agents gain deeper insights around customer challenges and are in a better position to help them proactively, earning trust and recognition.

Movate pre-processed all the call data and transferred it to Uniphore AWS Cloud for further processing and analysis. The solution delivered insights on agent performance, identified agents for coaching needs and helped the client understand more on customer intent.

Apart U-Analyze, Movate deployed a smart analytic solution to derive actionable insights from the call and conversation data. U-analyze also provided data around agent coaching needs, visibility into customer intent by analyzing conversations. Audit calls were conducted to ensure the operation produces meaningful outcomes and improves agent’s performance scores.

Business Benefits

  • Gained a 360-degree view of customer sentiment through voice analytics
  • Streamlined quality process by scoring 100% of the calls with Automated Quality Management
  • Identified coaching opportunities and developed agent training programs.