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1-minute talk by ISG about CSS Corp’s leadership status

The Partner ecosystem plays a signufucant role in enabling CX solutions.

The evolving customer landscape and a pandemic-induced disruption have forced contact centers to change overnight. Agents, CX, and technologies have undergone radical shifts in short turnaround times without any playbook to navigate the calamitous times. Let’s juxtapose this backdrop beside CSS Corp’s (Now known as Movate) transformational capabilities.

ISG’s briefing report: “CSS Corp Leverages AI to Redefine Customer Experience,” released in March 2021 highlights CSS Corp’s Contact Center capabilities. This report comes close on the heels of the ISG Provider Lens™ report on “Contact Center – Customer Experience Services,” published in September 2020. Both these reports are a resounding affirmation of CSS Corp as a leader in AI & analytics. The latest one talks about highly differentiated approaches and solutions that design the Next Best eXperience (NBX).

The report highlights how CSS Corp is challenging the status quo through technology-led approaches and commercial models. In a market teeming with service providers alongside conglomerates who have extensive operational scale, CSS Corp has carved a niche for itself and brings differentiated offerings to clients. Successful use cases involving AI and analytics services that transform business outcomes and redefine CX testify to its leadership in this arena.

Solutions and metrics such as CSAT, NPS, Customer Effort Score (CES) consider long-term goals such as loyalty and efficiency scores, customer lifetime value, and retention.

The global consulting team of 60+ practitioners and experts draw upon 20+ years of domain expertise in designing solutions.


Redefine Agent Experience

CSS Corp (Now known as Movate) uses AI extensively to drive agent programs (learning, hiring, or managing). OpsMAX framework streamlines the processes around training, gamification, hiring, and performance management by leveraging AI with a sharp eye on empathy and personalized communications. Superlative CX becomes a reality as the framework defines agent personas based on competencies, proficiency levels, and cultural alignment.

Redefine Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Transformation Platform helps clients realize their transformation goals. This unified platform ties together operational efficiencies, technology, end-user experience, and process engineering to optimize costs and cut down human effort. Accelerating transformation is a reality as design thinkers have poured in hours of research in studying critical customer experience KPIs and defined AI use cases across metrics such as CSAT, resolution time, and retention rates. The platform uses an Agent 360 Degree Workbench, automation and harnesses the power of AI plus Analytics in addition to sentiment analysis, speech analytics, image analytics to improve sales and CX. By drawing upon expertise across domains and by leveraging the Customer Experience Transformation Platform, CSS Corp(Now known as Movate) delivers when it comes to tangible outcomes. In one use case, a client realised a 95% case resolution rate, 30% productivity improvement, and 74% faster decision making.

Other Differentiators

Pricing models stand out as almost all client contracts entail outcome-based pricing models aligned with business outcomes. A steady stream of investments bolsters technological capabilities and thrust digital agendas to the next level. Innovation Centers of Excellence (COE) in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai are incubators where ideas morph into solutions. Automation being a key focus area, experts have deployed 30+ bots to assist employees and customers.

Your contact center will never be the same. CSS Corp (Now known as Movate) offers new case studies involving the use of AI, analytics, and other solutions that contribute to superior customer experience. Broker a deal with the leader in AI & analytics.

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