Movate (formerly CSS Corp) goes big with best Biz awards international 2021

Best Biz Awards

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel.

The Best in Biz Award programs involve prominent writers, contributors, and reporters from the top-tier press. The 2021 jury panel for the 9th Annual Best in Biz International program involved the top brass of some of the most respected publications. With a stroke of the pen, they made it clear as to where the nominees stood. A moment of eerie silence was palpable as the jury gave their final verdict. And even before the ink could dry on the score sheets, CSS Corp (Now known as Movate) stood up well to their scrutiny and went on to win the Silver Award for the Company of the Year 2021 in the large and medium category.


CSS Corp (Now Known as Movate) displayed the full range of achievements over the past year. Call it the industry’s unheard of “Fivefecta” pulled out by a global CX and technology services provider. Here are the five virtues that position CSS Corp in the silver circle.

1.    Flexible and Innovative Engagements

If there’s an opportunity to share just one distinguishing trait that separates CSS Corp from its contemporaries, it’s innovative commercial models. By offering outcome-based and gainsharing models, CSS Corp is transforming the way customers operate. While other players in the industry just tout about it and are hesitant to provide these models, CSS Corp delivers via a skin-in-the-game approach instead of the traditional usual break-fix approach. This novel approach implies pay or penalty solely on the outcomes. This one-of-a-kind approach distributes risks on both parties of the engagement in a fair manner.

2.    Resilient Corporate Culture

CSS Corp was the first IT services company to move to a 100% WAH model at the onset of the pandemic. The leadership swung into action by fleshing out dual frameworks: the RESILIENCE Framework and the CHEER framework. The former ensured remote working conditions were in place by March 23, 2020, for 9,000+ employees across 18 locations. The latter boosted employee engagement and wellbeing to stoop attrition levels to an all-time low in the industry.

3.    The Succor of Mighty Digital

The New Normal witnessed a stupendous digital acceleration like never. Digital initiatives that typically took years were a reality in a matter of weeks. In the peak of the pandemic, CSS Corp secured the #1 rank globally for its proprietary digital solutions by HFS Research in 2021, among all global BPM companies. In the new landscape of engagement, integrated digitally-infused tech support is the way forward to serve and win customers amidst high levels of anxiety and expectations. During the frenzy, CSS Corp ensured uninterrupted business continuity for clients when it mattered the most. CSS Corp stood out as the partner in digital disruption to transform contact centers into next-gen experience centers.

4.    Unbroken String of Recognitions

CSS Corp delivered on all fronts: robust growth, CSAT levels, employee experiences, and operations. Over 70 international awards and 200 analyst recognitions in the last three years position the company as the most-awarded and recognized mid-sized services provider globally. Do we need to say any more?

5.    Hitting Consistent Growth Spikes

While the black swan year of 2020 saw many companies battening down the hatches, CSS Corp chugged on a consistent growth and expansion trajectory. CSS Corp emerged as probably the only IT services company that doubled its annual growth rate despite the pandemic. This success story is attributable to a focused client strategy and unique managed services value proposition that converges 15+ award-winning proprietary solutions, deep domain expertise, and a resilient global service delivery ecosystem.

Counting the last 4 consecutive years, Best in Biz 2021 Award is the 65th in the kitty of global accolades and recognitions. Contact us to know more about our business models and frameworks.