Rahul Joshi recognized as the most innovative CTO by silver feather awards

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Silver Feather Awards

Disruptive technologies and innovative solutions that solve industry's pressing problems translated to MOVATE's growth rate of over 25% in FY21, and FY22 looks even brighter.

We are happy to share that Rahul Joshi, CTO, Movate ( previously known as CSS Corp) has been recognized for his innovation excellence and outstanding leadership by the Silver Feather Awards in Mumbai. This awards program celebrates, recognizes, and honors excellence in innovation across all business incorporated industries, including the most outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders within high-growing businesses. Rahul’s recognition stands as a testament to his outstanding leadership and innovation over the years at Movate.

Under his leadership, Movate has created new organizational capabilities, including new platforms and innovative solutions poised to generate a steady revenue stream in the years ahead. Movate’s Innovation Labs, led by Rahul is the epicenter of novel solutions, fresh thinking, and application of pioneering technologies, with a mandate to deliver financial benefits and a solid ROI. His futuristic thinking enabled Movate Innovation Labs transform service delivery across all service lines with award-winning solutions under the  MOVATE EDISON  and MOVATE  CONTELLI brands. These platforms have enabled Movate to win new deals and rave reviews from industry analysts and customers alike.

MOVATE is redefining how the next wave of innovation involving AIl and ML-led solutions can maximize business value for cutomers by leveraging innovative engagement and outcome-based models.

The platforms and solutions have complemented our services model and created meaningful offerings that customers are leveraging using progressive value realization models, managed service partnerships, and outcome-based engagements. This approach completely reimagines business models with better processes and insights to serve clients better.

Movate has won over 70 international awards and 200 analyst recognitions in the last 3 years, making it the most awarded and recognized mid-sized services company globally. The recent recognition of Rahul is yet another testament to the disruptive work and charters that  Movate employees are driving in the industry today.

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