Innovation in Sustainable Technology – Transforming the Future

  • Media: DQChannels
  • Spokesperson: Kiran Marri

Sustainability is the driving force for the future. With growing environmental concerns, the tech world is working towards the goal of developing sustainable technology.

With ever-growing advancements in the technology domain, we witness a lot of innovations and developments. In recent times, global warming, climate change, and environmental degradation have been a matter of concern. To tackle this situation sustainability is the key. Innovation in sustainable technology is driving significant advancements across various industries, 

Addressing the critical need for environmental conservation while promoting economic growth. As global concerns over climate change and resource depletion intensify, businesses, governments, and researchers are increasingly focusing on developing technologies that minimize ecological impact.

From renewable energy sources and energy-efficient solutions to waste reduction and circular economy models, sustainable technology is poised to reshape the future, offering viable paths to a more sustainable and resilient world.

DQ Channels reached out to some of the global names in the IT sector about their vision for innovation in sustainable technology and how they are contributing.

Dr. Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist & Senior Vice President, Movate, shared how they are focussing on Sustainable Technology –

The digital revolution doesn’t have to leave the environment behind. At Movate, we lead the way in using innovation to promote sustainability. Today, with nearly 4 billion internet users and counting, digital technology is rapidly transforming our world. Both businesses and developers need to prioritize eco-friendly digital design. Moreover, the rise of remote and hybrid work models has decreased office foot traffic, but increased teleconferences, video conferences, and virtual meetings.

Without a commitment to carbon-neutral digital designs, the environmental impact will worsen. At Movate, sustainability, and developed methodologies are there to identify key factors in creating carbon-neutral websites, helping businesses scale sustainably.

Our current focus is on browser-based applications, and we plan to develop a comprehensive carbon-neutral maturity model. Having said that, our commitment goes beyond individual projects. We also minimize e-waste through responsible disposal and maximize energy efficiency in our global data centers, powered by renewable energy sources whenever possible. We believe in harnessing human ingenuity and cutting-edge technology to build a future where businesses thrive alongside a healthy planet.