CSS Corp Acquires San Francisco-based Directly’s OnDemand Business

Directly ondemand

Clients to benefit from the synergy of OnDemand’s GigCX model, along with CSS Corp’s full-time associates and CSS Edison® technology platform

San Jose, US—March 17, 2022

CSS Corp, a global customer experience and technology services provider, today announced acquiring Directly’s OnDemand business unit, including its next-gen GigCX services platform. OnDemand offers fast and empathetic technical support and customer service for the world’s leading brands, with patented technology and a global network of product and technical experts in a flexible freelance model. Some key customers of the platform include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Airbnb, and Autodesk.

The OnDemand platform is powered by multilingual capabilities, new-age technologies, and a flexible network of freelance product experts across over 60 countries. These gig experts are either alpha-users familiar with the system they are assisting with, or domain experts with the necessary credentials to provide an elevated, yet more intimate level of support. The platform seamlessly integrates into the existing contact center technology stack, CRM platforms, messaging applications, and recording support, like Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Oracle, Salesforce, to name a few.

The acquisition of OnDemand adds a strategic technology-enabled services platform to CSS Corp’s portfolio. The company now is able to integrate GigCX seamlessly with agent-based models, recruit global talent as employees or freelancers, and integrate it with digital solutions powered by CSS Edison®, a digital CX transformation platform. The company also sees immense potential to expand OnDemand’s reach into incremental and niche skills for digital technologies, AI/ML training and aggregation, and intelligence services.

Sunil Mittal, CEO, CSS Corp, said, “This acquisition significantly strengthens our service offerings as we solidify our strategy. Modern customers have high expectations and expect precise resolutions to their problems along with proactive service, personalized interactions, and connected experiences across digital channels. The Directly OnDemand platform leverages a unique and proven approach to achieving customer outcomes and offering world-class experience through gig experts spread across the globe. With our deep, technology-led operations and expertise, infused with OnDemand’s global gig expert capabilities, we are well-positioned to leverage the knowledge economy and offer unique and scalable operations to our clients. We look forward with excitement to welcoming the OnDemand team into the CSS Corp family.”

Mike de la Cruz, CEO, Directly, said, The global workforce has shifted from fixed to fluid models, and there is no turning back. With the addition of OnDemand, CSS Corp is at the forefront of this shift and will be able to help their clients thrive in the new world. The OnDemand service is in safe hands and is now backed by full-time associates, consulting services, and the CSS Edison technology platform. Directly, the company, now focuses on its next act: to invest in Directly Darwin and reinvent customer experience automation.”

CSS Corp has been growing at over 25% for the last couple of years, on the back of strong delivery capabilities, resilient operations, and innovative business engagement models. In February 2021, Capital Square Partners, a Singapore-based Private Equity Fund Manager, acquired a controlling stake in CSS Corp, followed by investments from Morgan Stanley Private Credit and Onex Falcon. These transactions have enabled CSS Corp to continue its industry-leading organic growth and expand its capabilities and geographical footprint through strategic alternatives.

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