CSS Corp (now known as Movate) mentioned in forrester report: how to choose your digital worker automation platform

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Forrester defines DWA: "A combination of IA building blocks, such as conversational intelligence and RPA, that work alongside employees. They understand human intent, respond to questions, and take action on the human's behalf, leaving humans with control, authority, and an enhanced experience"

According to Forrester, the pandemic and recessionary pressures will accelerate the DWA investments to support millions of remote workers and those in the frontline who combat social separation and disinfection challenges. The report: How To Choose Your Digital Worker Automation Platform describes options and provides a framework for Enterprise Architecture (EA) professionals to choose the right Digital Worker Automation (DWA) platform that fits their requirements.

Be it any form: chatbots, virtual agents, RPA, or Intelligent Automation (IA), DWAs work with employees and work under their guidance. While everyday tasks benefit from DWA, five use cases are at the top of automation roadmaps.

The report dives into the details of these five broad categories of use cases and graphically represents them across EX (y-axis) and productivity (x-axis). The graph also depicts the five most common platforms used to create DWAs.

To guide EA professionals, the report rates (relatively strong, relatively weak, relatively on par) these platforms across various capabilities. The report helps EA pros decide upon the right fit and recommends basing vendor and platform selections on the appropriate Forrester Wave evaluations.

CSS corp is included in the category of "Service-provider-led solutions" that provide vertical specialization. Forrester mentions CSS Corp as an example of service provider who recently launched broad automation platforms that involve natural lanuage processing capabilities.


Service-provider-led solutions receive a relatively strong rating for criteria such as event invoked/signal, task automation (RPA), domain knowledge, and OOB workflows. Forrester offers in-depth capability analysis of each of the five platforms along with recommendations to help EA professionals choose the right platform to build employee robot support.

EA professionals need to ask the right questions, work with colleagues, and determine what challenges the software will solve. Click here to access the complete report (available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase).

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