Movate Trivia Challenge


Join us as we celebrate ONE fantastic year of being Movate with some brain-teasing fun!

It’s time to put your knowledge of Movate to the test in our Movate Trivia Challenge. We’ve prepared a series of simple questions, each with two options. All you need to do is select the correct answer for each question, and you could be one of our three lucky winners to walk away with a $100 voucher!

So, let the Movate Trivia Challenge begin!

How to Participate:

Quiz Time: Head over to the Movate Trivia Challenge questions below and start answering our specially crafted questions about Movate. It’s a breeze!

Choose Wisely: For each question, you’ll have two options to select from. Pick the correct one!


1. In which year was Movate founded?(Required)
2. Movate is a combination of 2 words, what are they?(Required)
3. Movate logo is made of three symbols, what are they?(Required)
4. Movate is recognized as one of the most awarded and analyst-accredited companies in its revenue range.(Required)
5. Movate's gig network of technology experts are spread over how many countries?(Required)
6. How many Analyst Accreditations and International Awards has Movate received?(Required)
7. Which are Movate’s proprietary platforms?(Required)
8. Movate has an internal network for women, what's it called?(Required)
9. What is our company tagline?(Required)
10. In 2023, Movate became the official Technology Partner for which cricket team.(Required)

Disclaimer: Please note that while we’ve made the challenge fun and engaging, we’ll be selecting only three lucky winners. Our decision will be final and non-negotiable, so let’s keep the suspense alive!