Directly OnDemand for Lyft

Maximize the power of Lyft’s driver community to offer them support whenever required, delivering on-demand driver experiences at scale while only incurring a fraction of your BPO expenses!

Key challenge

Lyft drivers are in demand, but due to the current shortage, acquiring new drivers may be challenging. Drivers are increasingly worried about ride rates, referrals, pay-outs, safety, and ratings, and they seek transparency.

Hence, providing great driver experiences and maximizing their earnings have become extremely important to keep them satisfied and establish a robust community of Lyft drivers.

Directly OnDemand is your right partner

Rather than paying BPOs to hire and train contact center agents, many of whom may have never driven or taken a ride with Lyft, partner with Directly OnDemand to leverage on-demand gig experts from your pool of loyal and experienced drivers to answer support questions quickly and effectively.

Directly OnDemand aims to

• Empower Lyft drivers to succeed throughout their driver journey
• Improve driver loyalty with exceptional experiences on Lyft platform
• Reinvest in Lyft’s top drivers while offering additional earning potential

Benefits of Lyft

Real-world results

Client – A leading online marketplace for vacation rentals, homestays, and experiences Objective – Scalability with cost reductionCustomer needs

  • To quickly and effectively manage a large backlog of support tickets while continuing to handle incoming requests
  • To leverage digital solutions for better and faster support experiences

Our solution

  • Sourced top app users to provide peer-based support in a gig model
  • Flexed by 10x to handle the massive surge in volume at the outset of the Covid 19 Pandemic
  • Evolved from email-based support to AI-based chat support
  • Chatbot developed with the client to ensure consistency, feel, and experience as the main website

Business outcomes delivered


of digital support volume resolved by peer experts


in quality across all 20+ BPO sites


cost reduction

How we compare to traditional BPOs

BPO partners are dependable and provide great value, but there could be weaknesses that make them expensive and inflexible. During periods of low volume, agents are idle. During seasonal peaks or major campaigns, customer wait times increase.

Directly OnDemand mitigates all these challenges. It blends gig peer experts for limitless flexibility, full-time support agents for resilience, and world-class AI/automation solutions for seamless support. In addition, Directly OnDemand can deliver the below-mentioned competitive advantages to Expedia that traditional BPOs might fail to deliver:

Directly OnDemand

  • Takes less than one week to onboard peer experts
  • Scales by 4X without additional effort
  • Offers outcome-based model

Traditional BPOs

  • Take almost three months to train agents
  • Inflexible due to operational constraints
  • Fixed hourly rate

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